Golf Lessons

Are you frustrated with your golf swing? Would you like to improve your game and reach your full potential? If you’re ready to enhance your skills as a golfer without paying too much for golf lessons from pros, perhaps it’s time you try Golf Made Ezi.

Golf Made Ezi makes learning how to play golf so easy to follow and understand you will need only one lesson to last you a lifetime. If you’re ready for frustration free golf lessons, then you’ve come to the right place. Witness as our 4-step program helps you consistently hit the ball and watch your game pick up over time.

Golf Made Ezi offers golf lessons for beginner, intermediate and expert golfers with a 4-step method that is proven to improve your game. We offer golf lessons that are easy to learn and understand. Many of our students have applied our techniques and are now living proof that our golf lessons work.

As part of the package, you’ll receive a full 20 minutes instructional video with on-course demonstrations using a simple 4-step program with clear biomechanical illustrations. We provide instructions for both left-handed and right-handed players. You can learn at your own pace, then pause and rewind the video to practice your newly acquired skills. Soon enough, your golf buddies will be amazed at your skills. Play golf like the pros and enjoy each game!

Golf Made Ezi gives you this guarantee – frustration free golf that will last you a lifetime in just a single golf lesson using a 4-step program that truly works! Peter teaches you how to master your golf swing in a way that is technically perfect and repeatable. Our 4-step program is Simple, Measurable, Adaptable, Repeatable, Tested or what we call SMART golf. You will learn to understand and focus on what is really important, giving you the luxury of having fun playing golf with your buddies.

This is our promise – ‘Your golf swing will be smoother than ever before, your balance will be better, and thus your ball impact and distance will improve.’

Golf Made Ezi relies on biomechanics to improve your game. Each person has a unique set of biomechanical measurements. These series of body measurements and movements are related to each other. In particular, these are the forces exerted by your muscles and gravity on your skeletal structure. We teach this as part of the basics of the 4-step program so that once you understand how this works you are able to develop your own golf swing, one that produces your desired outcome. They say practice makes perfect. That is true in our golf lessons too. The more you practice our golf lessons, the better you become at hitting that golf ball. In no time at all, you will be playing golf like the pros.

Unlock and control your golf swing using the 4 keys in our golf lessons and reach your full potential in no time at all!