Biomechanics and Golf Made Ezi

How to Improve Your Golf Swing

The way to improve your golf swing varies from one person to another. We all have our own unique set of biomechanical measurements. These are a series of body measurements and movements that relate to each other, specifically, the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure. Once you understand and accept these concepts, whether male or female, young or old, you will be able to develop the golf swing that is sure to win you every single game.

To effectively understand the steps in Golf Made Ezi, you must be prepared to unlearn old habits and play your new game with an acceptance of your body's unique measurements. You need to commit yourself totally to the changes you are making, remembering that the working measurements are unique to you. This is the best way for you to develop a winner’s golf swing.

Your unique biomechanical measurements determine your intuition about your movements and the way your body wants to feel. This, in turn, affects your golf swing. The result you visualise becomes possible as your own biomechanical template recalls what you have learned in your mind. Your mind and body becomes highly attuned with your movements, thus dramatically enhancing your golf swing.

Witness as your golf swing becomes smoother than ever before, your balance will be better; thus, your ball impact and distance will improve. Your game will develop to a level you never thought attainable.

You may take 4 hours, 4 days or 4 weeks to achieve your potential. Time is not what matters. The most important thing is for you to own your game. Use the 4 keys in our Golf Made Ezi program to unlock and control your golf swing and to quickly reach your potential. Be patient and trust yourself to stay with this new program.

‘Your golf swing will be smoother than ever before, your balance will be better; thus, your ball impact and distance will improve.’.

Through the biomechanical measurement method of placing the golfer into an optimum stance position:

GolfMadeEzi 4 step program provides and creates a “useful product and physical phenomenon” that, through its four-step measurement, creates and manufactures using the body’s own structure.

It teaches and confirms:
“The ability to repeatedly position a golfer into an optimal position for hitting a golf ball, with the prescribed stance and position enabling a golfer to hit the golf ball with power through balance along an intended path more reliably.”

You may be a raw beginner looking for a simple introduction to the game of golf or a golfer of substantial ability looking to solve an aspect of your game that is preventing your advancement and playing enjoyment.

The GolfMadeEzi 4 step program has been tested over many years on players of all levels and has been proven to be of invaluable assistance, meeting and often exceeding the expectations of those who now enjoy a better game of golf.