‘For the first 9 holes I was on fire! Hitting the greens(and remember they're tiny) but then it fell away and I didn't know why, until I realised I had gone back to my old habits. I will continue to ingrain the steps into my brain. 4 steps and NO VARIATIONS. Cheers!’

Geoff Jansz - 40+ TV Presenter.

‘After 60 years of playing golf at a reasonable level, thanks to your simple explaination on how to improve my putting, I am now leading the club golf and enjoying the comments of fellow competitors half my age. Once I adopted your techniques it all fell into place. Golf is now exciting and challenging again, thanks for putting the pleasure back into the game.’

Steve Pascoe - 80+

‘I came for a visit whilst my wife was working in your country and met Peter on the golf course - what a gent! You took me to The National and you turned my game around in one day!!! I am now playing as often as I can and feel fantastic when I strike the ball, I am having a great season back here in the USA - Thanks to my man DOWN UNDER!!!’

Mark Federovitch - 30+ visitor from USA.

‘I played golf but didn't understand " HOW to play golf for ME", how to get the best out of myself and more importantly how to be consistent. Golf Made Ezi has been the best thing that has happened to my game, I am consistently improving my game and am now beating my "better" opponents - Thanks Peter.’

David Gooch - 40+ - Darwin.

‘The simple learning process of Golf Made Ezi has changed my golf game from being an "awkward lefty" to winning the monthly medals and seeing the game in a whole new light - I am better and more confident in all aspects of my game. I love it!’

Kevin Lally - 50+ - Phillip Island Golf Club.

‘Everyone has an opinion and an idea about how to play golf. Golf Made Ezi throws all that out the window! Peter "I love your work" - this is so simple and it works - I am even thinking about letting my wife watch the video..........’

Marti Kink - 30+ - Gold Coast

‘Peter - you are a GOD! - For so long I have been told by my husband, do this, stand this way, move your elbow this way and that - to the extent I refused to play with him, and would only go out with the girls - Thanks to you, we went out at the weekend and I BEAT HIM, I don't think he will ever play with me again - but I loved it. The hard part for me was UNLEARNING all the rubbish I had been told over the years and listening to my body tell me what to do. Thanks again Peter.’

Elizabeth Young - 27 - Sydney.

‘Peter - I am not good at testimonials, but here goes. You have taken me under your wing and thanks to you I am now holding my own in the "School Boy" Competitions, and am getting real joy out of the game. As I set up for each shot, I can hear your very clear instructions, as long as I follow them, I don't waste time in practice swings, I just set up and strike the ball - straight down the fairway. Thank you so much.’

Chris Sheehan - 16 yrs - Victoria